Violet Oil (Violet Absolute) Is Great for Insomnia

Violet oil or violet absolute oil is a beautiful absolute you can use to treat insomnia. It’s also great for coughs, colds, and even headaches. Plus it is a really good repellent.

Violet Oil

Violet Oil Properties

Botanical name

The botanical name of violet is Viola odorata.

You can get the absolute from violet flowers or violet leaves. But violet flower absolute is very hard to come by. Plus it is very expensive. Violet leaf absolute is more widely available and cheaper. So you are more likely to see violet leaf absolute to buy.

Color and smell

Violet leaf absolute is dark green and has an earthy, herb-like smell. You can also get slight floral notes too.

It can be slightly solid at room temperature so you may need to warm it before you can use it. Or you can get the absolute already diluted in a carrier oil like jojoba oil.

What is in violet oil?

The absolute has a lot of heavy compounds in it. In the leaf absolute, you can find 2,6-nonedienal, 1-hexadecene, 3-pentadecenal, 1-octadecene, 1-eicosene, and trimethyldodecane.

Violet Oil Benefits

There are a couple studies that look into the benefits of violet oil (absolute).

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This 2017 study published in Phytotherapy Research Journal is a good study to start with. It showed the oil is traditionally used for coughs, colds, fever, headaches, constipation and even skin problems. And it is widely used for insomnia and shortness of breath.

It’s great for insomnia

These insomnia benefits were also proven in this 2018 study. It tested 75 insomnia patients and found violet nasal drops helped the patients sleep better.

So if you are having trouble sleeping, inhale violet oil. It’ll certainly help!

It’s repellent

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The absolute is also effective against insects.

This 2006 study tested several oils including violet on a few mosquito species. The top five repellent oils were litsea, cajeput, niaouli, violet and catnip! Oh and the oils provided close to 8 hours of protection.

That’s amazing! So add violet oil to your own DIY mosquito and insect repellents. And add them to your own bug spray too.

Violet absolute is pretty special!

Violet Oil Uses

Because the oil is so thick, I just inhale it. It smells great and helps me sleep.

If you get the absolute diluted in a carrier oil, then you can definitely use it for massages. And you can add lots of spicy, citrusy, and floral essential oils too. Try violet with bay, clary sage, clove, lemon, grapefruit, lavender, and geranium oil.

Adding jasmine will also give you a super sweet, floral, snooze blend. Heh! It smells so good and helps you sleep!

How else do you use violet oil? Let me know in the comments section.

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